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Cross Tattoos

Cross Tattoos

There are many different tattoo  designs around, and for every design you can think of there are probably many different forms of that particular design. We see this with dragon tattoos , people don’t just have a dragon tattoo, they want the dragon tattooed in a particular way and each way has a different symbolic meaning – it is no different with the cross. The cross is probably one of the most recognized religious symbols in the world because of its association with Christianity.
Cross Tattoos
However, there are many different designs in cross tattoos and it helps to be able to tell one from another and to recognize just what the particular significance of each particular cross might be. The cross is actually a very ancient symbol that predates Christianity and was used by the Aztecs and by various pagan traditions.

The cross is one of the most frequently requested tattoo designs it is even more popular than the seemingly ubiquitous swallows and anchors. It can be quite confusing when there are so many different designs to choose from, and if, as we have already said, tattoos have particular personal significance, we want to be sure that the design is saying what we want it to. Nowadays many young Christians choose to have a Christian cross tattoo  – these might be with or without the body of Jesus. Some Christian cross tattoos will depict the Sacred Heart along with the Cross, or with a crown of thorns. If the body of Christ is nailed to the cross this is often referred to as the Latin cross.
Gothic cross designs may not be specifically Christian as they often include some form of dark imagery. They may have some barbed wire around the middle of the cross or the cross may also be intertwined with a dagger. The Gothic cross is usually heavily ornamental with beveled edges and it symbolizes pain and anger rather than a message of hope.

The Egyptian cross or ankh is often known as the key of life it is a cross with a circular shape at the top. Tribal crosses often have flowing lines and very distinctive outlines. Then there is the Celtic cross which is gaining in popularity today and has a long history attached to it. Again the Celtic cross is usually intricately designed with loops and knot work wrapped around the area where the two parts meet. The loops are meant to symbolize the never ending circle of life and the knots symbolize the link between the physical and the spiritual world. One of the reasons this particular design may have become so popular is because there is a renewed interest in Celtic Christianity. The ancient Celts saw little difference between the natural world and the supernatural and there were prayers for everyday acts such as lighting the fire or making the bed.

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